A brand is not just a logo – its a promise to the consumer.

Global Reach Advertising is a full-service branding agency in Vancouver and Seattle. We shine in brand strategy, logo design, corporate branding and brand launch. 

Strong brand helps consumers with positive experience, and it is an ongoing process. Brand helps you charge more, compete more efficiently and launch new products and services lot faster.

Our Branding process


Brand Audit

Stand out from your competitors

If your business experiencing a problems connecting with your consumers, it’s probably time to review your positioning on the market and gear up for a brand audit. The only way to improve your bottom line is to stand out from your competitors. We learn about your business, identify the distinctiveness of your product or services and discover the strengths and weaknesses of your business.


Brand Strategy

A plan to keep your consumers engaged

Brand strategy is a long-term plan that will help to achieve business goals and keep consumers excited for your products and services. Successful brand strategy will engage with consumers and stand out from the competitors on the market. Combining design and communication teams we develop a brand strategy that reflects your business objectives, business goals and customer demands.


Brand Experience

Brand’s action perceived by a person

Every interaction between a consumer and a brand is a brand experience. It’s starts with visual design, visiting website or a store as well as an advertising on the public transit. Those touch-points are crucial in development a successful brand. We help our clients identify main places of interaction with a brand and optimize for best user experience.

Brand Launch

Presenting a value proposition

When you launch a brand, you are introducing something new, distinctive as well as unique value proposition to the public. We plan brand launch early and execute impeccably using digital, social, print and public relations. We ensure that we deliver on your brand promise to the consumer.

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